Stuart Milliken stuart_milliken at
Sun Dec 9 20:32:24 EST 2001

Dear Fritz,

I just started trying out Rev a couple of days ago, and hadn't tried Chinese
until I saw your message.  Yikes!  Here's the little I've discovered since
(not "solutions", just observations):

You can:

1) enter Chinese in the normal way into a field that is not set to a Chinese
font, then change the font setting to Chinese.

2) enter Chinese into the msg box (displaying a non-Chinese font) and "put"
it into the field from there.

3) enter Chinese via an object's script.

4) Registering Rev as Chinese (with the Language Register program) does not

However, when the field is set to a Chinese font:

1) it is possible to select text only at the beginning and end of the text
string; you can't select between characters.

2) Of the arrow keys, only the leftward pointing arrow works. It jumps the
selection from the end of the string to the start.  Other arrow keys do

3) The delete key does not delete characters, but rather moves the selection
rightward, one character per two clicks.

4) The return key works normally, but of course only at the beginning and
end of the string.

5) Alpha-numeric keys do nothing.

6) For a string of ten characters, Rev thinks "the length" is 20 and "the
number of chars" is 20. (In HyperCard this is 20 and 10 respectively.)

7) From a script you can select between characters, e.g. "select after char
4 of fld 1" will select after the second character.

Not quite what I want!  Hope there's a fix for this!



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> Is it possible to type Chinese directly into a field?...

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