Penultimate outcome of "Constraining movement"

Mark MacKenzie (Shaw) markmac at
Sat Dec 1 14:53:00 EST 2001

Well, the training wheels are most definitely still on BUT, a first cut of a
demo stack is working for the "ThumbNail Scroller".  Scripts are all
available, some comments but not enough of them.  Great loads of thanks to
all who helped by contributing code examples and critiques to this former

The second phase is where this becomes a real tool.  But, if anyone is
interested in taking it for a test drive I will send it to you.  Just give
me some feedback if you can on any improvements in coding, etc.  Send me an
email address if you can handle a 1.5 meg rev stack (this uses .png image
files for real life test).  If there is enough interest I will put it on my
ftp site and possibly set up upload and share type of system.

As I mentioned before, once finished it will be offered as a demo and
teaching stack as well as a free multimedia element creation tool.

As always, regards to the list.

Mark MacKenzie
Chief Techno-Mage  (most definitely not for Rev yet!!)
Historical Treasures & Ancient Arts
markmac at

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