Dropping file on an LC standalone...

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Thu Mar 21 17:48:09 EDT 2024

My question is what message is triggered when a file is dropped on a 
running LC standdalone on Windows

On Windows, if the APP is started by dropping a file on it, the file 
name is available to any handler in the startup sequence via the $1 
special variable. i.e. IF teh variable $1 contains a file name the app 
was started by someone droping the file on teh app or by double-clicking 
a file associated with teh app.

On macOS, this is all handled by appleEvents. i.e. if a file is dropped 
on a LC standalone on macOS that standalone gets an appleEvent message 
and the parameters of the message can be used to get the file name . 
This is true on startup (if a file was dropped on the app to start it or 
an associated file was double clicked to start the app OR on macOS if 
the app is already running and a file is dropped on its icon, the app 
gets an appleEvent message.

So, what message does a LC standalone app on Windows get, if it has been 
running and a file is dropped on its icon? An what is the message path 
of that message (i.e. is it send to the current card, current stack, the 
mainstack card, or the mainstack stack?)

Thanks in advance!

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