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Thank you for the suggestion!   That worked out well!   For anyone interested, here’s the snippet for formatting a phone number as you type in a mobile native field control:

//this assumes that the mobileControl type for Android is “multiline” and the mobileSetKeyboardType has been set to “email”

on inputTextChanged
  put mobileControlTarget() into pField
  put mobileControlGet(pField,"text") into pText

  if pField = "phoneNumber" then
    put "" into fText
    put numbersOnly(pText) into pText

    if char 1 of pText = "1" then
      put "" into fText
      mobileControlSet "phoneNumber","text",fText
      androidGoLastChar "phoneNumber",fText
      put fText into dataEntered["phone"]
      exit inputTextChanged
    end if

    if the number of chars in pText < 4 then
      put pText into fText
      mobileControlSet "phoneNumber","text",fText
      androidGoLastChar "phoneNumber",fText
      if (the number of chars in pText > 3) then
        put "(" & char 1 to 3 of pText & ")" into char 1 to 3 of fText
        put " " & char 4 to 6 of pText after fText
      end if
      if the number of chars in pText > 6 then
        put "-" & char 7 to 10 of pText after fText
      end if

      mobileControlSet "phoneNumber","text",fText
      androidGoLastChar "phoneNumber",fText
    end if
  end if
end inputTextChanged

function numbersOnly pNum
  //returns only the numbers in pNum
  put "" into fNum
  repeat for each char c in pNum
    if isNumber(c) then
      put c after fNum
    end if
  end repeat

  return fNum
end numbersOnly

on androidGoLastChar mControl,xText
  if ("Android" is in the platform) then
    mobileControlSet mControl,"selectedRange",(the number of chars in xText+1,0)
  end if
end androidGoLastChar

Thank you!

Dan Friedman
CEO, ClearVision Technologies, LLC
Voice: 909/484-2052

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Subject: Re: Cursor Placement in MobileControl
Hello Dan,

I take it you are formatting the text in inputTextChanged?

Unfortunately yes, on Android calling

mobileControlSet "phoneNumber","text", pText

puts the cursor in the beginning of the text:

RE using the selectedRange with mobile native controls, I think this
property is supported only on multiline input fields. So I suppose you
could make the fields to be multiline and give it a try.

Kind regards,

On Tue, 5 Mar 2024 at 18:53, Dan Friedman via use-livecode <
use-livecode at> wrote:

> I am trying to create a field on mobile (iOS and Android) that will format
> a phone number as your type (client request).  I am able to do this on iOS
> as the command: mobileControlSet "phoneNumber","text",pText puts the cursor
> AFTER the text so the user can simply continue typing.  But, on Android,
> the cursor is placed at the beginning of the text after the
> mobileControlSet command is called.   Is there a way to set the position of
> the cursor on a native mobile text field?
> I did notice that the Android Native Field widget has a selectedRange
> property.  Can I use this property on a native Android control?  And, can I
> set the selectedRange to “16,15” to set the cursor location, not select
> text?
> Why not just use the Android Native Field widget, you ask?   I will if I
> have to… but I prefer to use the native control as it is cross-platform and
> I don’t need to case out for which platform we’re on.  You would need to
> create the control and hide the widget for iOS and show the widget for
> Android.  I’ll also have to case out the setting  and getting of the text
> as they have different methods.  I’ll do this if I have to, but I’d rather
> have a single code set and not have to manage/update separate methods.   I
> would use the standard LC field, but client wants the standard
> hold->popupMenu->paste command to work.
> Any thoughts or ideas?
> -Dan
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