Livecode and ESP32 microcontroler

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Mon Sep 25 13:29:18 EDT 2023

I was thinking more along the lines of a LiveCode to Arduino / Python compiler.  To be able to write in LiveCode and then upload it to an ESP would be a tream comne true!

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Forty years ago, HyperCard and Supercars ran on 8 MHz, 16 bit, 68000s. (OK, it was a 16/32 design, but still).

However, it was *not* snappy by any means.

I suspect that you’d need a rather stripped down version of LiveCode on a microcontroller, both to get adequate performance and to cut power.

But I’d definitely be interested.

My next round of tinkering will probably be with a device like that, as the wifi or ble controller I attach to arduinos seem to have more than an arduino’s worth of processing power left.
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