LC domain for sale:

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Sep 20 11:51:56 EDT 2023

I had two extra LC-related domains, one of them sold quickly to a member 
of our community, and I have one remaining:

I'd taken out the domain with the vision of using it to replace, but for SEO reasons I've decided to build out going 
forward on that older domain instead.

If there are no takers here I'll see if someone outside the LC community 
wants it. "Live coding" and "#livecode" are popular terms for the 
practice of coding live for a streaming audience.

But like the other domain I'd sold a few weeks ago, I wanted to make 
this available to the LC community first.

If interested the domain is listed at, and I'd be happy to 
discuss favorable pricing if you have a community-oriented use in mind.

We did the last domain sale with a trusted community member, so we were 
able to streamline quick transfer. I would do the same with just about 
any member of this list.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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