Alternate key commands in LC ????

Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Tue Sep 19 16:41:40 EDT 2023

Reading this article about the MacOS copy and paste:

It mentions the (secret) OS X alternate clipboard — kill and yank — that uses control-K to kill (cut) and control-Y to yank (paste) in some MacOS apps. Comes from the Emacs text editor (that was a loooong time ago).

I tried it in an LC field and discovered some unknowns-to-me:

Control-K does kill (cut) selected text
Control-Y does not seem to do anything—does not yank (paste)
  (I haven’t yet figured out how to yank-paste killed-cut text)
Control-K without a selection but the cursor placed within a line of text kills (cuts) all the text after the cursor/insertion point

Put the cursor somewhere within a line/paragraph of text and Control-A moves the cursor to the beginning of the paragraph
Control-E moves the cursor to the end of the paragraph
Control-F moves the cursor one character to the right

Control-O does a weird thing of adding a carriage return after the cursor and simultaneously moves the cursor to the left one character, so you can easily end up with something like:


Maybe there’s more? Windows?

Peter Bogdanoff

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