Forum Software LC?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 18 13:57:13 EDT 2023

Rick Harrison wrote:
> Has anyone built Forum Software with LiveCode?
There are a lot of PHP
> ones, but I have yet to
find one that was built with LiveCode.

PHP is
> hacked all the time, and I have found
hacker bots that try to hack my
> server all
the time by exploiting holes in PHP.  They
even try to install
> PHP on my server so they
can then use it to hack my server!

I think
> Forum Software built with LiveCode
could be more secure, but I don’t
> want to
build it myself if someone has already
created it.


Don't build it yourself. It's a lot of work.  Software is almost always more affordable to buy than build, and most forum packages these days are FOSS and free of cost.

Crafting the user experience alone would take months to do well.  And if you think security is lacking in established packages see what happens when you roll your own. ;)
Use Discourse.  There are others, but Discourse is currently the go-to choice for new forums.  Great UX, open source.
Another option that's become increasingly popular is to ditch hosting your own forum altogether and using Discord instead. Forums can be set up there for free, with native mobile apps available and rich APIs if you need to customize anything.
Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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