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Hi Mark,

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>> But I'm using a Mac and it looks like that tool is not available here in the SDK tools folder.
>> Maybe available somewhere in "Android Studio".
>> And my problem NEVER happened when I'm at home, only during band rehearsals and gigs! :-D
> So this is perhaps the most useful observation...


> This could suggest there is a either a difference in usage, or environment between the two places. e.g.
>  - is the app used more / for longer at gigs compared to home?


>  - how is the tablet powered at home vs at gigs?

Via its internal rechargable battery, will recharge it overnight with no connection to my Mac.

>  - how does the tablet connect to the internet at home vs at gigs? (even if the app does not use the internet, lots of background stuff on Android *does*)

At home via W-Lan, at gigs no internet connection (no SIM card or something!)

>  - when the problem happens is there anything specific you can think of in common with what you were doing / the app was doing / the device was doing just before? (e.g. does it happen just after the device has gone to sleep).

No, sometimes I get the black screen immediately when I start the tablet at a gig or rehearsal, sometimes after several quit/start of the app.

> The fact it is 'hanging' suggests there is something (on startup?) which is failing and causing an infinite loop.

Nothing remarkable here, I only fill the two polygrids (< 10 entries each) on the first card on preopenstack.

> Is there anything in the startup code for the app which waits for something to happen? e.g. an network request, something to initialize etc.?

No, nada, just what I wrote above.

> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.
> P.S. If you send your app's source to support at with a rough outline of where to look for startup code etc. then Panos and I can take a quick look and see if we can see anything which may be causing your issue.

Great, thanks, will remove all unneccessary files and will send it with some instructions.

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