Android ANR (App not responding | Jacque was right :-)

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Sep 14 06:02:36 EDT 2023

Hi all,

yesterday it* happened again!

*Around one of twenty times I start my app on my Samsung tablet, 
I get a black screen.

I started the tablet, opened my app -> OK
quit the app and started again -> OK
quit the app and started again -> OK
quit the app and attached my USB footswitch
started the app -> BLACK SCREEN
That also happens without the attached footswitch

Then I took Jacque's advice and waited a bit and after about 
30 seconds I got the "Application not responding" alter with 
two options:
-> Close app
-> Wait

So I clicked "Quit" and could start the app anew without any problem!

I am really wondering why this happens?!

On the first card there are just two polygrids with < 10 entries each,
loaded "on openstack" on the fly from the folders and files in the resources folder
See screenshot here: 
(Ordner = folders)
NO PDF is loaded yet!
NO resizestack message, this is just for me and my tablet.
NO "accelerated rendering" set for the stack

Any hints very welcome, not sure if I should open a bug report, since this
only happens from time to time, about 1 of twenty app starts.

macOS 12.6.9, LC 9.6.10, Android 8.1, Android API 33


Klaus Major
klaus at

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