Responsive Layout and Opencard

James At The Hales james at
Thu Sep 7 04:53:21 EDT 2023

Is it my imagination or does using the responsive layout on a card trap the opencard message?
I have a 2 card stack where card 2 is an info/help card.
Both cards use the responsive layout widget.
In order to position items and hide some I have an opencard handler on both cards
But in going to the second card it didn’t seem to work. [it might1 not be working on card 1 either.]
Testing for mobile (on the simulator)
Finally I placed an extra fld on the card 2 and placed a ‘put’ into the fld to tell me what handler I was in.
“In opencard” never appeared.
I tried preopencard, but no that didn’t work either.
After much swearing at my screen and almost giving up I remembered I was using the responsive layout. It then occurred to me that might be the issue.
The workaround was to position my objects in the openstack handler.

So my question is: is this normal that the responsive layout traps the opencard messages or is something else going on?


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