LC server, on-rev and time zones

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Wed Sep 6 09:39:12 EDT 2023

You could try to set the $TZ variable. I did not try on On-Rev/LivecodeHosting, but on a HostM Server which also has Livecode Server installed.

This script here for example would set the timezone first to Germany  and outputs the current time and then for New York.

< ? l c 
 put "Europe/Berlin" into $TZ
 set the twelvehourtime to false
put the time
 put "<br>"
 put "America/New_York" into $TZ
 set the twelvehourtime to true
 put the time

> Am 06.09.2023 um 15:22 schrieb jbv via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Hi list,
> How do you handle different time zones in server scripts ?
> For example, I and my clients are in Europe, so dates and
> times need to be consistent with the local time zone.
> But on-rev servers are located in the US East coast, so
> there is presently a 6 hours difference.
> Furthermore, switching from summer time to winter time
> (and back) occur at different dates in Europe and North
> America...
> How do you guys manage to keep everything consistent
> all year round ?
> Thanks you in advance.
> jbv
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