Pasting text and images together?

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Sat Sep 2 05:30:03 EDT 2023

You could poke around the raw clipboard data - this is platform specific (in terms of the keys) but gives a complete reflection of the system clipboard:

lock clipboard
put the keys of the rawClipboardData
unlock clipboard

This will dump what raw data types are present - then you can fetch using ‘the rawClipboardData[key]’.

Note that you need to lock and unlock the clipboard around ‘raw’ access.

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> On 1 Sep 2023, at 20:33, David Epstein via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> To clarify my original question:
> I'm not expecting the built-in paste command to handle this task; I'm
> wondering if I can script my own paste command to handle it.
> Richmond, I can write a script to "paste" an image by itself (by creating
> an image and setting its text to clipboardData["image"]).
> But is there some way I can access both the text and the image that are on
> the clipboard after I have copied a combination of those from, e.g., a web
> browser?  (Pasting to Apple Notes confirms that the clipboard contains both
> text and image.)
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