Pasting text and images together?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri Sep 1 18:02:23 EDT 2023

If the App copying the mixed content places it on the clipboard as text 
and an image vs some mixed type, you may be able to do this

Your have the on pasteKey message to trap CONTROL/COMMAND-V and if you 
have a "Paste" menu item, you control the script for that.

the ClipboardData, the fullClipBoardData, and the rawClipboardData 
arrays (see Dictionary entries for each of these) give you access to the 
different elements on the clipboard. I epect the rawClipboardData will 
not really apply to this goal, but whether the ClipboardData or 
fullClipboardData would be better, I'm not sure

Essential for either the pasteKey or menu paste action, you scrip wants to

put the ClipboardData["text"] into tMyText -- the text copied to the 
put the ClipboardData["image"] into tMyImageData -- the text property of 
an image object

As a test, you may need to write a small test handler

on pastekey
   local tClipArray, tFullClipArray
   put the ClipBoardData into tClipArray
   put the fullClipboardData into tFullClipArray
end pasteKey

Copy mixed data to your clipboard from your 3rd party app, switch to a 
test stack with the script above (not tested), and press the paste keys 
for your OS. The IDE debugger should appear and let you look at the 
arrays tClipArray and tFullClipArray to see how the data was translated 
from your 3rd party app.

On 9/1/2023 3:32 PM, David Epstein via use-livecode wrote:
> To clarify my original question:
> I'm not expecting the built-in paste command to handle this task; I'm
> wondering if I can script my own paste command to handle it.
> Richmond, I can write a script to "paste" an image by itself (by creating
> an image and setting its text to clipboardData["image"]).
> But is there some way I can access both the text and the image that are on
> the clipboard after I have copied a combination of those from, e.g., a web
> browser?  (Pasting to Apple Notes confirms that the clipboard contains both
> text and image.)
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