LC Server and forcing page refreshes

Tim Selander selander at
Mon May 29 20:32:58 EDT 2023

Once again find myself over my head in just a simple programming project.

I made a little club members directory website, using LC server on 
on-rev's hosting site.

Members can edit their info. I use a form, with the action going to an 
LC script. This script gets all the post data, shuffles it off to the 
database, and then goes back to the member's page using a re-direct:

  <meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "2; url = <?lc put vlink?>" />

where vlink has the member's URL.

My Problem: If folk update their photos, their browser cache still shows 
the old picture -- logically leading them to think the update failed.

The photos are simply stored on the server, the database only stores the 
path of the file. The photo file shown on the member's page with an 
image tag.

Can any of the gurus here tell me how to get the page to ignore the 
cache so the browser shows the new photo?

Many thanks.

Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

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