The Backdrop's Purpose In Life

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Huh. Windows not working for me. I'll try MacOS when I get my laptop up and running again. MacOS Update bricked the boot volume. Again. For the 3rd time. 

Bob S 

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Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > HA! I just figured out what the purpose of the backdrop is!
 > If you have multiple LC windows open and you tab to another  > app's window, then tab back to the LC window, ONLY that LC  > window will appear in the foreground. With Backdrop on, ALL  > the LC windows will become visible when you tab to any LC  > window.

The OS vendors help with that too:

Windows: Shift-click Taskbar icon -> "Bring All Windows Forward"

macOS:   Window menu -> Bring All to Front

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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