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Hi Matthias,

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> Klaus, 
> this footswitch for example is detected as HID device. 

yep, I will need something like this, thank you!

> The functions of the switch(es) have to be configured with the included software on a Windows PC first. After that the switch can be used on other devices without any additonal software. As most Android devices will support USB keyboards, this should work. 

I am counting on this fact! :-)

> If the Android device has a memory card slot you could store the PDFs on a memory card and let your LC app then access this storage card. To update the PDF files you eihter have  to connect your tablet with your PC or Mac as an external drive or you could remove the memory card from the tablet and use it in a cardreader on a PC or Mac.

I have a SD card in my old Samsung cell phone and tried exactly this, but did not work.
I checked "external storage" in the STAB, installed the test app and connected the phone to my Mac.
Then I copied an image into the appropriate "com.whatever...". (sub)folder on the SD but LC did not 
see the file in -> specialfolderpath("external documents")!?
Did I do it wrong?

> I have here an older table laying around which I could send to you. But i have to check its os version first.

That would be wonderful, Matthias. Please conact me privately.
LC needs at least Android 5.1.

Thanks a lot!

There is even a feature request/bug report for accessing more public Android folders:

> Regards,
> Matthias



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