Android and USB footswitch

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu May 25 11:22:47 EDT 2023

Hi friends,

I'm still an active musician (bass guitar) and am currently playing in four bands.

Nowadays bulky music stands on stage are OUT and tablets are IN!
So I am considering to create a little app for myself to display PDF leadsheets 
(= lyrics and chord symbols) on an Andorid tablet, which I still have to buy. :-)

There are some USB footswitches, and I would like to use one of them to browse 
through the (multipage) PDFs (next page, previous page).

Anyone knows if these switches will act like an "external keyboard", means if they 
will just send any RAWKEY that I could catch in LC? 
Or will I need something created with LCB to do so?

Thanks for any hint!

Since PDFs are not accessible via "mobilepickmedia" are there ANY other ways to add 
some PDFs later without having to download them from some URL?


Klaus Major
klaus at

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