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Fri May 19 11:51:53 EDT 2023

Mark Smith wrote:

 > On 18 May 2023, at 10:14 pm, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> If you need to do that again:
 > Hi Richard, do you have a short introduction to FormMaker?

"It makes forms." :)

I have a large number of simple tools (a GB by now?) I've made to help 
with things I've worked on over the years. They're not like products or 
anything, just simple stuff to get a job done.

In this case, it reduces the steps needed to make a simple text entry 
form down to the one thing that will always require variance: the names 
of the fields.  Type those in the field provided, click a button, and it 
creates a label and entry field for each line you'd entered, all inside 
a group so you can easily handle appearance things like text font and 
size, and script binding by looping through all members of the group (I 
tend to populate sets of fields from arrays, with field names matching 
keys so one simple handler gives me binding everywhere quickly without 
having to think about it).

Having a good GUI layout tool like LC valuable.
Having it scriptable to automate common tasks is invaluable.

Some day I'll get around to doing a writeup on a layout construction 
metalanguage I was working on a while back to extend layout automation 
in ways that provide the most construction with the least typing. Maybe 
that'll be a good kickoff for the radically-reimagined in the works...

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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