Android Push Messaging issue

Dan Friedman dan at
Wed May 17 15:37:39 EDT 2023

I am stumped!    I have an app that where push messaging is working fine using Legacy Cloud Messaging (and LC 9.6.2).  I have setup the new Firebase Cloud Messaging and downloaded the new “google-services.json” file and included it in my updated standalone (LC 10.0.0).  The app when launched on a device is registering a valid token.   When I use the Firebase Cloud Messaging test tool (and include the token from my app) it says a message was sent successfully but was not received on the device.   Any thoughts?

FYI… Sending from our server gives the same result:  sent successfully, but no push to the physical device.

If it matters, both Firebase Cloud Messaging API and the Legacy Cloud Messaging services are enabled (because the non-Firebase app is still being used in production).


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