Am I using the best mail client?

doc hawk dochawk at
Fri May 12 19:53:49 EDT 2023

bob belabored,

>There was some talk years ago about the practice of only quoting the relevant body text, and not 
>every single reply with quote, and reply with quote of reply with quote, and every reply with 
>quote of every reply with quote of every reply…

That predates this list, and for that matter the creation of NACBA, by decades.

For that matter, it predates the word “internet”, and the constant network connection.

Ancient etiquette is that it is simply rude (at best) to include entire messages, rather than trimming
to the parts to which you are replying.

And “top-posting”, placing your response before the message, was the mark of a newbie,
and treated harshly.

Which worked, until the “Eternal September” of 1993, when rather than once a year with 
new students, AOL started dumping a continual supply of newbies, faster than they could be assimilated.

[in fairness, the infrastructure in the 80s couldn’t handle the load of all that extra text—the backbone
got upgraded *to* 56k (bits/second) in the 80s!]

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