Cannot make a standalone after upgrading to Mac Mini and Ventura

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed May 10 16:58:39 EDT 2023

I had this happen when I had more than one license. One old and a new with
"pro". I picked the one(default) without the "pro" features and had only a
couple of platforms. I relicensed selected "pro" and had all platforms.

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I got a new Mac Mini a month ago. Lovely. Working with LC on it. Lovely.

I tried to make a windows standalone from the same project I have for years.
In the Applications Settings I cannot select the Windows pane. It is
essentially disabled, and looks like it.

In fact, I cannot select any pane except the Mac one. The Mac standalone
proceeds as usual, but there is nothing done on the Windows side.

I made a brand new stack. Same issue; only the Mac pane is accessible.

Before I put the splash stack and the mainStack on a thumb drive and reload
them back on my old iMac to make an updated standalone, is it me or Ventura?


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