Inclusions and JSON

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue May 9 19:57:26 EDT 2023


I just realized that JSONToArray is part of the mergeJSON library and 
not part of the JSON library! Dear Livecode: For the JSON ignorant among 
us, could we just have one JSON library - by whatever name!

On 5/9/2023 7:30 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> I have a stack that serves as a plugin for our app. The plugin stack 
> makes some calls using jsonToArray
> The external stack alone in the LC 9.6.9 IDE works perfectly. The 
> external plugin stack opened in our app in LC 9.6.9 IDE works 
> perfectly. The external plugin stack opening in the standalone of our 
> app, generates the error:
> Function: error in function handler: jsonToArray (Line 61, column 8)
> put: error in expression:  (Line 61, column 8)
> Line 61 is just:   put jsonToArray(it) into tResponseA
> There are other controls that work in the IDE and fail with the lines 
> that include the jsonToArray call in the standalone. I do manual 
> inclusions in the Standalone settings since the plugins are external 
> stacks loaded into the standalone by user command. Automatic 
> inclusions won't find the not-yet-loaded external stacks to find the 
> JSON library calls. I have included the JSON Library in the inclusions 
> list in my app's standalone settings.
> Is there any other library that must be included for me to use 
> jsonToArray? I am not a json literate person. I am just using copied 
> code. Also, is there any debugging to be sure the JSON library was 
> actually included in the standalone (the check box in the Standalone 
> setting is set!)
> Thank you for any guidance on this issue.
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