Inclusions and JSON

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue May 9 19:30:00 EDT 2023

I have a stack that serves as a plugin for our app. The plugin stack 
makes some calls using jsonToArray

The external stack alone in the LC 9.6.9 IDE works perfectly. The 
external plugin stack opened in our app in LC 9.6.9 IDE works perfectly. 
The external plugin stack opening in the standalone of our app, 
generates the error:

Function: error in function handler: jsonToArray (Line 61, column 8)
put: error in expression:  (Line 61, column 8)

Line 61 is just:   put jsonToArray(it) into tResponseA

There are other controls that work in the IDE and fail with the lines 
that include the jsonToArray call in the standalone. I do manual 
inclusions in the Standalone settings since the plugins are external 
stacks loaded into the standalone by user command. Automatic inclusions 
won't find the not-yet-loaded external stacks to find the JSON library 
calls. I have included the JSON Library in the inclusions list in my 
app's standalone settings.

Is there any other library that must be included for me to use 
jsonToArray? I am not a json literate person. I am just using copied 
code. Also, is there any debugging to be sure the JSON library was 
actually included in the standalone (the check box in the Standalone 
setting is set!)

Thank you for any guidance on this issue.

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