opencard and visual effect

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed May 3 16:24:45 EDT 2023

If I have followed this thread:
1) Klaus executes a go to <card> with a visual effect using an effect 
rate of X millisecs
2) Klaus need to start a time on how long the user of the app has to 
answer a question once the card is displayed

I believe the order is:
1) preOpencard handler (if one) is executed
2) card is rendered in the window using the visual effect but the 
openCard handler (if one) is executed starting effectively at the same 
time as the visual effect based rendering of the card in the window 
takes place.

So starting the timer at the time "openCard" starts + the length of the 
effectRate of the visual effect used in the GO would represent when the 
user can expect to see the whole card.

So if the user has 5 seconds to answer the question and the effectRate 
was set to 500 millisecs then the start time of openCard + 500ms is when 
to start the counter for a  second reply.

Disclaimers: Depending upon the specific effect chosen and the placement 
of the question on the card, the user may be able to read the question a 
few millisec before the effect is done or even many millisec before the 
effect is done.

I don't think there is any way to have absolutely precise timing.

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