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Fri Mar 24 19:25:15 EDT 2023

Nice one. Great to see Bard in action.

Taking this as inspiration (and hoping this doesn't start Bard v chatGPT v ? wars....), I asked chatGPT to "write me a sonnet about LiveCode".

Upon the canvas of the digital sphere,
LiveCode emerges, a beacon of grace,
Translating thoughts to scripts that endear,
Crafting software in a swift embrace.

With fluid tongue, it weaves its artful code,
In English syntax, clear and unconfined,
As programmers embark on quests untrod,
Their visions made real by this design.

This versatile tool doth span the seas,
>From Windows, Mac, to Linux it conveys,
To mobile realms, it leaps with greatest ease,
A bridge connecting worlds in countless ways.

So sing the praise of LiveCode, our guide,
Whose noble touch makes dreams a sweet, swift ride.

Bard-like indeed... :-)



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> So I asked Bard to create a poem about LiveCode. The first drafts were just short lines of text 
> that didn't even qualify as blank poetry, so I revised my request to ask it to make the poem rhyme.
> ******
> Sure! Here is a poem about the LiveCode coding language:
> LiveCode, oh LiveCode,
> You make coding so easy.
> With your natural English syntax,
> I can create what I please.
> I can build games and apps,
> Or websites and more.
> The possibilities are endless,
> With your simple yet powerful core.
> You're cross-platform and free,
> So anyone can use you.
> And you're backed by a passionate community,
> Who are always willing to help me through.
> LiveCode, oh LiveCode,
> You're the best coding language out there.
> With your help, I can create anything I imagine,
> And share it with the world without a care.
> ******
> It needs some work on meter but it's no worse than some human poems I've read.
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