running platform-native by default

Phil Davis phil at
Wed Mar 22 15:45:53 EDT 2023

I'm using LC 9.6.8 to build some macOS Intel/Silicon ("dual-native") apps.

Upon first launch of these apps on my Silicon test machine, I always get 
the OS dialog that says "To open '<my app>', you need to install 
Rosetta. Do you want to install it now?" I always click the "Not Now" 
button because I want the apps to run native by default, wherever they 
are running. (I'm avoiding installing Rosetta on that machine.)

I discovered I can avoid getting the Rosetta dialog this way: After 
installation and before first launch, do a "get info" on the installed 
app. In the macOS Info dialog, check AND uncheck the "Open using 
Rosetta" checkbox. Close the dialog and now the app will launch in 
native (Silicon) mode.

Is there a way to pre-set my apps so their first launch uses the engine 
that's native to the platform they're installed on? It seems like there 
ought to be a way. I can't expect all my users to jump through this 
manual hoop - and it just looks unprofessional to me.

Maybe there's an AppleScript I can run after install and before first 
launch. But it would need to run automatically at the end of the install 
process, which would complicate my installer-building process - I'm 
currently distributing on DMGs.

Your thoughts?

Phil Davis
(503) 307-4363

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