LCB development

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue Mar 14 13:08:31 EDT 2023

I last dabbled with LCB about five years ago - but now I have a need to get in 
there again.

Are there any tips that you-all can share?

In particular:

- what if anything is available for debugging LCB widgets?

- I've found a reference to a LiveCode Builder CLM module developed by James 
Hale - where might I find this?

- a really basic question - if I make a change to an LCB widget, defined in 
~/Documents/LiveCode/Extensions; what's the quickest route to testing it? Can 
I delete and re-add the widget? Or do close+remove-from-memory the stack, and 
then reopen it? Or do I need to quit and relaunch LiveCode in order to see the 

- any other pointers or suggestions gratefully received.



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