LiveCode Server is sleeping?

harrison at harrison at
Thu Jun 22 12:04:35 EDT 2023

I am running LiveCode Server version 9.6.9,
with apache 2.4.56 under Mac OS 13.4 Ventura 
with a Postgresql database.

All of my energy saver settings in the OS are
set so nothing ever sleeps.

When my server hasn’t been getting incoming
connections for a time, for some stupid reason
it goes to sleep and stops serving pages!

I’ve tried to track down the problem, and it
appears that apache is running fine as
proved by when asking for a strict HTML
webpage, and everything works!

Anything that needs the LiveCode server
doesn’t work for a couple of minutes,
and only after a half dozen requests does
it start responding normally.

I have checked my error logs, and it shows
timeouts for livecode-server.

I don’t know if livecode is waiting to get
a response from Postresql or not.

The interval between failures varies, so
it is difficult to know how often I have to
tell an automatic application to access the
website in order to keep everything running

Ideas?  Suggestions?



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