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It sounds like this bug:

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> I have a weird problem and I am wondering if anyone has seen anything
> like it.
> I have an desktop app, built in Livecode 9.6.9 and running under Windows
> 10 and 11. The app has stacks/windows to display different types of
> content docText for text, docPDF for PDFs, docImage for images, docMedia
> for player based audio or video. Only 1 of these windows can be open at
> a time. If you try to call up information of another type, it closes the
> current content window and opens the appropriate stack to display the
> new type of information.
> Here is the weirdness. On a single monitor system, I can switch between
> these content windows endlessly
> On a 2 monitor system, if all the windows are on the primary monitor, I
> can switch between them endlessly
> On a 2 monitor system, I can place any of the content windows EXCEPT the
> media player (docMedia) on either monitor and swithc between them endlessly
> On a 2 monitor system, if I put the media player window on the secondary
> monitor and try to switch bring up another content windows (docText,
> docPDF, docImage) - whether on the primary or secondary monitor, I get
> frozen app and Windows spinning blue cursor (the app is non-responsive,
> like in an endless loop)
> Now, the above is with a built standalone. If I run the app in the LC969
> IDE, I get the same behavior above if I just let things run.
> If I enter the debugger, the code sequence is roughly:
> a) if the new info to display is of a different type that the current;y
> displayed info, then
>      test in a loop through the app's open windows to see if one of
> these content windows is open and then close stack <name> to close it
> b) open the applicable window for the new information and display it
> If I walk through, in the IDE debugger, every line single line by single
> line, it all works, including stepping through the stack 'closeStack'
> handler
> If I tell the debugger to run through the code above, rather than step
> line by line, the freeze happens
> But again, ONLY when the docMedia window (with a player object and a few
> fields and buttons) is on a secondary monitor.
> Has anybody seen any weirdness like this? The fact I can debug through
> it line by line and it does not freeze means finding what may be
> triggering it seem very hard (to me at least).
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