Android and USB footswitch

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Tue Jun 6 14:18:50 EDT 2023

Hi Andrew,

> Am 06.06.2023 um 18:28 schrieb Andrew at MidWest Coast Media via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> 1- add folder of PDFs in Standalone Application Settings > Copy Files (in my case this appears as “files/*”)
> 2- add a Browser widget to your stack
> 3- set the filename of the widget to your local PDF file path
> put "/files/" into tBasePath
> put “SomeLocalFile.pdf" into tFileName
> put tBasePath & tFileName into tPath
> put specialFolderPath("resources") & tPath into tURL
> set the fileName of widget “Browser" to tURL

as I wrote in an earlier mail, this does not work on Android!
The browser cannot display PDFs on Android! 
Or did this change in the last time?

But I have a license for the PDF widget, so displaying is not a problem.

> —Andrew Bell
>>> Am 31.05.2023 um 20:39 schrieb Andrew at MWCM via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
>>> You can open local PDFs in a LiveCode app by loading them into the Browser widget.

See above...

>>> Do you plan on compiling with the PDFs as part of your app (in the Resources folder) or trying to add to the app after the fact?
>> and? 
>> Do you have a helpful hint for this? :-)

I meant that I am looking for a way to add some more PDFs later.
And my question was if there is another way to do so without loading them from some URL.


Klaus Major
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