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Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Jun 5 08:21:31 EDT 2023

On 6/4/2023 2:35 PM, Andrew Meit via use-livecode wrote:
> I am seeking a widget or live script code to translate a single word or at most 256 chrs text from within a stack.
> I think there is or was Google api livecode could use to talk with the Google translator server via scripting.
> My ideal use: while moving the cursor over and clicking text the mousetext can be sent to Google and return the translation.
> Anyone have a sample stack to share?
> Thanks, Andrew
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I poked around at this a little bit out of curiosity. The URL to has parameters to perform the translation (in and 
out language codes, word to translate). However, the resulting page 
returned does not appear to contain the translated work, but instead 
contains lots of javascript to fetch the translations (hard to tell), 
but parsing teh returned page may be difficlt, if not impossible.

To use the Google Translate API's requires an account with Google Cloud 
and there are charges. The first (large number) of words translated are 
free, but at larger tiers, your are charged. Search for "Google 
Translate API" for more details.

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