Reorder fields

Mark Smith marksmithhfx at
Fri Jul 28 06:19:16 EDT 2023

How do you reorder fields? I have a form (prebuilt) with 3 fields (a,b,c) in positions 9, 15, 12 (as indicated by the Layer field in the Position tab). Tabbing cause these fields to be visited in the order a, c, b whereas I would prefer a, b, c. I have tried all manner of editing the Layer field to make them be in that order with no success, I’ve variously tried new orders: 9,10,11 or 14,15,16 or even 20,21,22 but nothing seems to affect their order. It always returns to 9, 15, 12. Lock size and position is not checked. I’ve even tried doing this with the Number field in the Advanced tab, also without success. Ok, I did find a solution but while it was easy for me, it might not be as easy on a more complicated form. I deleted all 3 fields. Recreated field A (which was given the starting position of 11) then copy pasted two more times creating fields 12 and 13. So this satisfies my reorder interest, but seems to me a rather cumbersome and unnecessary procedure (if for no other reason than deleting fields also deletes all of the “custom” settings on the fields which doubles or triples the amount of effort involved). Maybe I am missing something more obvious?


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