closeStackRequest resolved

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Jul 26 13:02:43 EDT 2023

Hi all. 

FYI I've struggled a long time to try and figure out why I get the Save Stack dialog when I clicked the close window button and before my own closeStackRequest got a chance to auto-save the stack. The reason I want to do auto-save is that all my standalones use a splash stack that then kicks off the main stack. Before quitting the standalone I want to clear all the forms and reset the environment, then save the state of affairs without the user being annoyed and confused with a dialog asking if they want to save! 

As it turns out (and as some may have informed me I can’t remember) there is a closeStackRequest handler in LC’s own front script which is generating the Save Stack dialog. To intercept the message before LC does, you need to have your own closeStackRequest in YOUR OWN front script, then pass the message when you are done with it. 

Bob S

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