No progress updates on LC 10. Am i the only one who is concerned?

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Tue Jul 25 06:55:30 EDT 2023

> On 25 Jul 2023, at 01:24, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> it's not that it isn't there, it's that it isn't in a state that is
> ready-for-prime-time

I’ve had to abandon a project and hence a client and hence LiveCode all together because of this single solitary issue. My company went bankrupt and is now dissolved because of this. 

LC have told me not to speak out against them as a company on this platform for fear of being removed from this chat area. Sure, some of the decisions made by me have led to the dissolving of Pi Digital Productions Ltd, but a lot WAS based on the PROMISE made pre-pandemic by LC that HTML5 would be ready for live, non-beta use ‘soon’. 

4 years on and having paid for a HTML5 licence I STILL have not been able to use, clients become frustrated and annoyed that we STILL have been unable to deliver and the bitten bullet eventually explodes in our faces. 

This is the primary reason I have not been heard from on this area for a while now. I am now working as a shop assistant in a local shop having moved to a remote area on the Isle of Skye. There’s not many employers who will take LiveCode experience as experience of coding. And there’s little hope of finding clients who will want or have their apps coded in LC. 

Theoretically I should ask for a refund on the HTML license as they have simply not delivered on their promise. But I can’t be bothered with the hassle of arguing with a company who just don’t seem to listen. I know a lot of you here will disagree- but I can only speak from my own experience over the last 17 years. Besides, a refund would not come close to the amount my company haemorrhaged as a direct result of LC failing to deliver. 

There, I’m guessing this will get me banned from this platform but, seeing as I can no longer use LC for anything practical, I suppose it no longer matters and most of you hear will be thinking ‘good riddance’ anyway. 

Like me, LC will fail if they continue to be incapable of delivering on promises. Adding new features and/or applications without sorting out current ones and actually getting them into the wild will just add new problems and forget old ones. Our clients cannot work on a 5 year turnaround so how can LC continue to think we can accept it? It’s impossible working conditions. If a boss offered you better working conditions in a place of work but took 5 years to deliver on that promise, what would you think of them as a manager? This is effectively what was suffered. It amounts to unfair treatment in the workplace and caused me a great deal of anguish over the years, as many of you are well aware.

My hope is that LC read this for your benefits and learn from it. It’s too late for me - I’ve moved on. But hopefully they can get v10 and HTML out sooner rather than later so that you can actually begin to make use of your investments. 

All the best and peace to you all. 

Sean Cole
Ex Director of Pi Digital

Over and out. 

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