OT - a new release of WinSignHelper for macOS

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Wed Jul 19 17:18:15 EDT 2023

To be honest, i do not know.
I am currently using a cloud code signing certificate which i can only use on Windows.
I've chosen the cloud version because of the price, but later i noticed that it seems that those cloud certificates cannot be used on macOS.
Or maybe they can, but i do not know how, especially with ossl signcode
WinSignHelper uses ossl signcode and currently that tool needs a path to a certificate

Do you know where the certificate is stored with the eToken solution? Is it stored also on the eToken or anywhere else on the Mac?
If you have the certificate as a physical file it maybe could be possible to select that file in the WinSignHelper prefs.

But as  i alread wrote, i really don't know exactly.

I am currently thinking of purchasing a 2nd certificate as eToken solution, but there is not yet a decision made, if i should spent money for this, as i have a working cloud certificate which expires in 3 years.


> Am 19.07.2023 um 22:53 schrieb J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>:
> @Matthias: does the upgraded WinSignHelper work with the new hardware eTokens? Those are required now.
> If so, do the instructions change on how to use your tool?
> On 12/23/22 10:44 AM, matthias rebbe via use-livecode wrote:
>> i've upgraded my free tool WinSignHelper.
>> For those who do not know what WinSignHelper is...
>> It's a GUI for osslsigncode. Osslsigncode is command line tool that can do the Authenticode signing and timestamping. With it you can code sign Windows applications  using an appropriate code signing certificate.
>> You just drag a folder with your Windows application into WinSignHelper and it signs all components of your standalone (.exe and .dll).
>> WinSignHelper Help section gives enough information about how to install osslsigncode.
>> So if anyone is interested in testing....
>> The version is  notarized and is an universal build for X86 and Arm
>> Zip
>> https://dl.qck.nu/?dl=WinSignHelper_universal.zip
>> DMG
>> https://dl.qck.nu/?dl=WinSignHelper_universal.dmg
>> Hope this is of help for one or the other.
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