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Hi Jacque,

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>> Since PDFs are not accessible via "mobilepickmedia" are there ANY other ways to add
>> some PDFs later without having to download them from some URL?
> I tried several things but I couldn't get any of them to work. You can write to and read from the mobile documents folder, but if you put a file in there manually it isn't seen by the app. I use a very good file manager on Android called Solid Explorer and it does see a file I copy to documents, but my mobile app doesn't list it or confirm anything is there.
> If you want to try, download a good file manager; Google or Samsung's default Files app won't work. Then go to the app's document folder, which is located here:
>  /Android/data/com.your.appID/
> You may have to give the file manager permissions to open those folders, they're locked down in recent versions of Android. Solid Explorer will ask you to allow it.

thank you, will install and try Solid Explorer!

> We really need LC to give us access to the public documents folder. I think that's the only way to do what you (and I) want.

Yes, definitively! 
The "Downloads" or "Documents" folder would be a good start, otherwise we cannot create apps
where the user needs to add more files.

Since this is an app for my personal pleasure, I will create a way to "sync" local files with files on
my server.

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