Apple Notarization changes...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Jul 17 12:39:32 EDT 2023

I got an email from Apple Developer date 13-Jun-2023 that:

"We’re reaching out because you recently used the altool command-line 
utility to notarize your macOS software with Apple. As announced last 
year at WWDC22, if you’re still using altool with the Apple notary 
service, you should transition to the notarytool command-line utility as 
soon as possible. Notarizing software with altool was deprecated in 
Xcode 13, and the Apple notary service will no longer accept uploads 
from altool as of November 1, 2023. Existing notarized software will 
continue to function properly. "

So, my questions for the Hivemind and/or the Mothership are:

1) I currently code sign and notarize using some version of Xcode under 
Mojave on a MacBook Pro. I do not really want to upgrade the OS from 
Mojave. The MacBook pro literal only function is macOS code signing and 
notarization. It sits off line and doesn't get any updates because I am 
terrified some update will break the code signing and notarization 
process. So, is there a version of Xcode that will run on Mojave and 
supports the new notarytool (vs attool as the terminal command - I have 
been using is "xcrun altool -type osx --notarize-app --primary-bundle-id 
... etc.")?
What is the minimum OS/Xcode combination that lets me use notarytool?

2) Has Livecode (or anyone else) updated lessons. documentation, help 
apps, etc, for using this new notarytool? If so, can anyone point me to it?

November 1 is still a ways off, but I find Apple Notarization so 
incomprehensible that once I get a set of steps to work, I document them 
and follow them verbatim and the thought of trying to figure out what 
this change means is daunting!

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