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Thu Jul 13 19:16:06 EDT 2023

Paul Dupuis wrote:
> I have a LC9 field object - just a scrolling field (not a list field)
> a lot of text. The user selects some text and then click a button
> the field. I want the selection to remain highlighted, but when you 
click outside the field the highlight goes away.

Any simple solutions
> to this. Some property I am just blanking on? In
another app, I've used
> the "selectionChanged" message to (1) set the
background color of
> the selection to a highlight color and store the
start and end characters
> as custom properties of the field. I'm hoping
there is an easier way I am
> just missing.
> OR

There should be a feature enhancement: set the 
> preserveHighlight of
field X to true
That keeps the highlighted selection
> unless or until you make a new one
in that field
 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

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