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Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Jul 13 18:01:23 EDT 2023

On 7/12/2023 6:21 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> I have a LC9 field object - just a scrolling field (not a list field) 
> with a lot of text. The user selects some text and then click a button 
> near the field. I want the selection to remain highlighted, but when 
> you click outside the field the highlight goes away.
Thanks to Richmond, Mark, and Jacque for your responses.

So, I actually need to note the position of the selected (i.e. char x to 
y) rather than the selected text itself.

Indeed, if you have text highlighted in a lock, scrolling text field 
(autohilite on) and click a button, the highlight does not go away. 
However, if you click on another field it does. I need a solution where 
the highlight appears to remain in the primary "Content" field no matter 
what else the user clicks on in terms of other UI actions.

So, it still seems the "best" way to do this is using the on 
selectioChanged message and getting the selectedChunk and if not empty 
and word 2 is not > word 4 (insertion point), then save word 2 as the 
start and word 4 as the end and change the background color of the 
selected range to the highlight color, clearing another of background color

This makes it appear that the selection remains, updates it when the use 
makes a new selection, but sacrifices any other use of background color 
for the text in the field (which I can live with)

Thanks all,

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