Crazy question: is it possible/reasonable to use Python in LC?

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Thu Jul 13 16:03:07 EDT 2023

I've been playing with Python, and it has a lot of nice qualities, but a
built-in GUI isn't one of them (no apologies to tkinter).

So it would be interesting/nice to be able to open LC, add a button to a
stack, and put some python into the script of that button and have it just
work, with access to the rest of the LC stack/controls as usual.

Obviously that's not possible, but how close can we come? I assume it would
be possible to write a shell command to trigger a python script, but that
seems complex and sub-optimal, especially when thinking about having to
bundle together all the bits and bobs from the LC UI to pass as arguments
to the Python script instead of having it able to just reference what it
needs on the fly.

Anyway, wondering if anyone else has thought about this.


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