Livecode 10.0.0dp5 new reserved words

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Jul 11 07:28:13 EDT 2023

Does anyone, including folks at the mothership, have a list of new 
reserved words in Livecode 10?

I have used a variable called "tExt" (t for temp, Ext for extension)  to 
pull of the file extension from file paths. i.e. if tFile contains 

set itemDel to "."
put last item of tFile into tExt -- tExt contains "png"

However, in LC 10.0.0dp5, the word "tExt" (which is "text") now appears 
to be a reserved work and you can not use it as a variable. This is not 
true in LC 9.6.9.  This has me asking: Are there any other new reserved 
words I should refactor out of my code before I get mysterious errors?

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