Remote debugger error message

David Epstein dfe4 at
Sun Jul 2 14:24:26 EDT 2023

panagiotis m asked:
How do you trigger this error? Could you provide a recipe?

With the stacks that trigger the error it is hard to troubleshoot them without triggering the error.  So I’m starting with an entirely new stack, and will report if I encounter the problem.

I suspect the problem has something to do with a message that calls a handler in a stack-in-use.

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> On Thu, Jun 29, 2023 at 8:40?PM David Epstein via use-livecode
> <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:
>> I?ve just started using LiveCode 9.6.9 and 10.0.0 DP 5 on two Intel
> Macs, and can do very little without getting this error message:
>> ?There was an error executing a script in stack
> com.livecode.library.remotedebugger.  No more information is available
> because the stack is password protected.?

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