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Who gets to decide what the dis is in dis-information though? I think the greatest threat to knowledge is the illusion that information can be filtered to exclude the "dis" in favor of the information. Perhaps my faith in the human psyche is over ambitious, but it seems to me that any person really wanting to know what is true, and not just what confirms their own predisposition or bias, when given access to all the information available, can determine pretty quickly what is true, or false, or misleading.

The real problem with information is not the information itself, but that we pretty much all process information in the context of our chosen world view. Because of this, freedom of speech and open discourse MUST be preserved, because my life's experience is that if the "good guys" and the "bad guys" want to control what information is available, the bad guys *ALWAYS* win. They are unhampered by such inconveniences such as truth and morality.

Bob S

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Human-generated disinformation is already a significant destabilizing
force. When we trust machine-generated content we run that same risk at
light speed.

Absolutely agreed -- If you'd asked me in the 90s what man-made thing would
end us all, I'd have said nanotechnology. In the 2000s I would have added
bio-tech. These days I definitely consider disinformation an equal threat.

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