Training the AI to write better LiveCode

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Mon Jan 23 19:08:12 EST 2023

Meh. Don't like using Chess as a measurement of AI competence. Chess is in AI's wheelhouse. Once a computer can store all the possible permutations of chess, it's advantage for AI is that it can reject what worked historically and what didn't, paring down the moves for every situation it can encounter to the ones that work. The initial paring down probably happens fairly quickly too. Most possible opening moves in chess are bad ones.

The disadvantage humans have in a scenario like Chess is that they cannot hold all the permutations and possible progressions of a game in their conscience mind. Computers don't have a conscience mind, they have direct access to all the data they have ever been exposed to.

What I get from your example is that the people writing those articles really misunderstood the problem.

Bob S

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Are we?  As late as my teens I was still reading science mags saying "Well, AI is going to be a big deal, but no machine will ever beat a human at something as complex as chess."

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