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Sat Jan 21 14:13:01 EST 2023

J. Landman Gay wrote:

 > Microsoft thinks it's a good idea. They'll eventually own 49% of
 > ChatGPT when talks are finalized.

No doubt. The power to control a content engine that valuable is 
enticing to the few in a position to bid for it.

Back in 2017, Andre posted an OT note here on this list that garnered 
only one reply despite its scope and significance:

    [OT] The Internet is Living on Borrowed Time

The article he linked to there is still available:

As one who studies social media memetics (the sociology of idea spread, 
as opposed to "memes" GIFs), Andre's post altered the course of much of 
my reading since.

We live in a world that no longer merely enjoys the Internet, but is 
increasingly dependent on it. McLuhan's vision of "Global Village" was 
inspired by broadcast television; the Internet's two-way communication 
should more than fulfill that optimistic view.

But along the way we've arrived at a historical moment when we finally 
have this vast global communications network, yet most of what travels 
across this public infrastructure is under the control of fewer than a 
dozen corporate leaders.

8 billion voices, curated by about 10.

So if my participation in tech discussions seems preoccupied with 
concerns about ethics and equity, about the relationship between value 
and values, blame it on Andre. :)

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