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An interesting point of view. We're a very long way from attempting to write all apps in assembler using this sort of AI. And humans are going to want to go on reading, editing and understanding code to create whole programs, whether produced by machine or a human, for a long time yet. When AI really is advanced enough to be creating an entire complex program in perfect assembler I think the world will change in so many ways that we'll have far bigger societal implications to consider than just its impact on scripting languages.

At the moment I see this as potentially heading towards a position where it could be quite an aid to scripting languages, both in terms of learning and helping write code. It might also take the shine out of some no-code environments as its probably easier to describe what you want your code to do and get back some nice clear English-like instructions (LiveCode script) than click on 100 boxes with menus and connectors to set up actions. Used in the hands of a skilled programmer it may become a particularly productive combination.

At the end of the day, this sort of AI is clearly going to happen and get better -  whether it comes from OpenAI or someone else. We will have about as much luck stopping that as stopping a change in the weather. When the wind changes, it's time to adjust your sails.

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If ChatGPT can write script, it can write machine code.

If it can write machine code, scripting is unnecessary.

If scripting goes, so goes scripting tools.

So before we donate much time to providing index fodder for the owners 
of ChatGPT, we might ask whether this is an investment we want to make, 
or perhaps at least ask for compensation for having provided the data 
that makes ChatGPT valuable for its owners.

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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