Training the AI to write better LiveCode

Ludovic THEBAULT ludovic.thebault at
Fri Jan 20 09:38:30 EST 2023


Can anyone verify that the corrections I reported to ChatGPT have been taken into account?
I asked ChatGPT how to geolocate, but it gave me several bad suggestions for commands that didn't exist :
- mobileControlCreate « geoControl"
- put mobileGetGPS()
- put geolocation()
- put mobileIsGeolocationAuthorized()

 So I told it which commands to use.

Here my last question to chatGPT :
# To check if the app has permission to access the geolocation on iOS and then to retrieve that geolocation, what is the correct code?

His answer :
if mobileLocationAuthorizationStatus() = "authorizedAlways" or mobileLocationAuthorizationStatus() = "authorizedWhenInUse" then
   put mobileCurrentLocation() into tLocation
   put "Latitude : " & item 1 of tLocation
   put "Longitude : " & item 2 of tLocation
   put "Géolocalisation non autorisée"
end if

With a similar question, do you have directly an accurate response now ?



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