Maximum field size

David Epstein dfe4 at
Thu Jan 19 12:24:34 EST 2023

Thanks to Bernd for this:

> Maximum length of a line in a field:
> 65,536 characters storage
> No more than 32,786 pixels wide for display

This seems to mean we can have a 65k long line only if each character’s width is around half a pixel.
And that if the character width is 10 pixels the maximum line is 6,553 characters.
Or does “for display” mean something else?

And, if we respect the line length limit, is the number of lines in a field limited only by however much of minimum(RAM, LC’s 4GB “total addressable space”) is not being used by something else?
So for example would trying to load a 2.1 GB variable in a field surpass the 4GB limit, because the variable and the field would each need 2.1 GB?

Best wishes,
David Epstein

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