Standalone riddle

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Can we turn off remote debugger for a test build so we can, how can I say
it, hmm... I got it! Test?

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On 1/15/23 2:44 PM, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> I'd be interested to see if what difference there is between the test 
> apk and the standalone builder apk. This has me a bit worried. If you 
> want to send me the 2 apks I will dive in and see at least what 
> file(s) are different.

I think I've figured it out; the files won't be any different. Test builds
always include the remote debugger, standalones do not unless you
specifically select it in Inclusions. I didn't do that, and I have an
errorDialog handler in the stack, so I think that's causing the appearance
of the error dialog in the standalone. In the test app the error seems to be
ignored (but don't ask me why...)

I've submitted a bug report:

The stack is for my own use, a very (not so attractive) minimal LC
dictionary lookup so I can check syntax when I'm not at my computer. You can
download it from the report. Maybe someone else will find it useful. It uses
James Hale's docset for reference. I couldn't get his Docset Reader to work
reliably on Android, and I didn't need all the extra LC Builder and Guides
documentation, so this is just a stripped-down list of dictionary terms.

The fix is mentioned in the report. Just comment out line 71 and uncomment
the line with the fix. Checking the current card before initiating a search
is the workaround.

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